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Here are links to my monthly column, “Monsters and Matinees,” in Classic Movie Hub.

‘Tarantula’: Or Why I’m Afraid to Look Out My Bedroom Window

How movies with dad spawned a classic horror movie fan

Tiny terrors bring big thrills

Still buzzing about the fly trilogy

A British village is pulled into space and everyone drinks tea

Universal’s true original monster and other she wolves

Anthologies serve quick bites of horror

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Here are links to my some of my movie-related stories that were originally published in The Buffalo News.

A look at ‘Sharknado Week’ 2017′

An appreciation of Robert Osborne

TCM host Ben Mankiewicz reveres movies the way they were meant to be seen

Review: Kirk and Anne : Letters of love, laughter and a lifetime in Hollywood

My 5 surprises at the 2017 TCM Film Festival

Hey TCM: Buffalo is the answer to your prayers

Tara Reid talks ‘Sharknado 5’

Keeping it reel with classic movies

5 reasons why “Sharknado” is awesome

Seth Gilliam talks ‘Walking Dead,’ ‘Teen Wolf’

Steve Guttenberg’s new role as Buffalo ambassador

Riviera Theatre to throw 90th birthday party after finding 1926 opening night silent film

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