‘Till Death Us Do Part’ Blogathon: ‘Cause for Alarm!’

For every “happily ever after” movie romance, there’s one that didn’t work out quite so well. As part of her July blogathon “Till Death Us Do Part: To Love, Honor and Murder,” Theresa Brown (CineMaven) has opened the discussion on the fascinating topic of movies revolving around matrimonial murder.

You can find contributions on an impressive list of films on Theresa’s blog, CineMaven Essays from the Couch, via this link: https://cinemavensessaysfromthecouch.wordpress.com/2017/07/24/till-death-us-do-part-2/

Some titles are very well known. Others, like my choice, “Cause for Alarm!,” may not be as familiar but are equally worth reading about and watching.

I chose “Cause for Alarm!” because of its twist on a familiar formula and a nifty surprise ending. The murder plot is dispatched quite quickly, propelling the movie into a taut edge-of-your-seat thriller about a woman frantically seeking a letter that frames her for her husband’s death.

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Finally, a blog

It took me a while, but I’m here now. For years while passionate movie fans were embracing the blog as a place to share their love of movies, start discussions and meet other like-minded film buffs, I was making fun of the word “blog.” (Actually, I still am.) So by day I spent hours at my desk as a newspaper editor reading the work of others, then going home to devour classic films, Hallmark Christmas movies and anything with “Sharknado” in the title. (I am proof that you can love all three.) It wasn’t until I starting using social media and saw the wonderful work classic movie buffs were doing with their blogs that I realized what I was missing. I became inspired. Watching a movie is only the start of the experience. The best part is discussing the film afterward with a friend. So here I am – ready to talk movies. Hope you’ll join me. Cheers.